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Full Service Mobile fitting

Dynamic Frequency Fitting 

Come see why our customers say what they do! "I came for a fitting, I got lesson's and set of clubs thrown in seemingly for free! " Our fitting system has developed to be a Fitting on Steroids! Our shafts are in 3 CPM increments by weight, bend profile, type and flex platform. See if our competition can fit you to literally your exact CPM or full shaft loading profile.

Not a "Profiled" fitting head that is supposed to feel like a 5.0 or regular flex. If you are a 5.2, or a 6.8 or whatever your exact shaft loading profile is, we will build that for you to match exactly, guaranteed!  

Services Overview

Our Services

Regardless pf where you live we will come to you, get 3 of your friends or post a request with us and we can add it the list for you to see if other customers in your area want the same thing, our superior service and state of the art matched clubs. Have a club event or private organization and you want us to come and fit yourself and the rest of the members, give us a call, we offer discounts, promotional packages, and partnerships for organizations wishing to increase there services to members.  

Here's how it works:

If we book 4 prepaid fittings in your area and find a mutually convenient date and time, we will come to you. Providing you are full services " On the go! ". Thta's right we offer unheard of service to our customers. We want to bring the best possible golf experience for your game directly to you. We know how hectic life gets these days, everyone should enjoy there golf game. Our mobile services provide the best of both world's, we bring the availability of highly crafted and engineered  custom Golf Clubs to you, and you no longr have to sacrifice and settle for mediocre "Off the shelf" clubs.  Giving you all the benefits of state pf the art club building to your neighborhood. 

We will fit you as we do every customer, place your order vor your specific custom components, build them once we arrive and we will ship your clubs within 10 business days of our return of your fitting with a ship date guaranteed before we leave. Pretty good deal for such great services isnt it.   

Cant come to us, we will come to you with our exclusive "Your Van" Services