Perfect Lies Golf

Perfect Lies Golf Custom Golf Club Fitting


Our unique and precise Dynamic Frequency Fitting system, lets you try any head and shaft combination together to find your ultimate combination at your  full shaft loading profile.



Choose from the leading manufacturers we recommend for true performance KBS, UST, Accra, Tom Wishon Golf Technology, or we can work with any other OEM equipment 


Every club we build is frequency matched to exact tolerances, not close, exact. Our shop prides itself with perfection of performance in our clubs  

We strive to provide unparalleled commitment to your game:

  • Personalized precise fitting with our Dynamic Frequency Fitting system
  • Component's from the industries top manufacturers
  • Providing performance to every golfer on every budget
  • Full-service repair shop
  • Expert technical advice on components
  • Complete line of Tour specified equipment
  • Club and event representation and partnering with facilities 

Services Overview

Mobile Services

Let us build your next set of clubs the right way, No more trial and error fittings at the big box stores. We fit you the right way, determining your full shaft loading profile, then build your clubs to exacting specifications and tolerances.

Introducing "Your Van"

bringing the tour van experience to you